Member of the Personal Finance Society

Member of the Personal Finance Society

Chartered Financial Planner

Chartered status is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and is considered the ‘gold standard’ financial planning accreditation. Chartered status is a symbol of technical competence and signifies a public commitment to upholding professional standards and adhering to a professional Code of Ethics.

Fellow of the Personal Finance Society

To achieve the Fellowship grade, individuals would be required to have 10 AFPC (Diploma) units or equivalent. This shows a commitment to continuous professional development.

Alicia Moyles

My name is Alicia Moyles, and I’ve been with Consolidare for about four years. My adviser’s name is Ben.

We first got in touch with Consolidare because we’d worked with Ben on a previous occasion and really valued his professional support, so we knew we could trust him.

We were keen to understand exactly what our financial position was. We wanted to understand what our combined savings and pensions looked like and how they could best work for us. We were very aware that, by ourselves, we would not be in a position to do that, so we wanted professional advice.

We worked with Ben at a previous financial advisory firm. After he moved on, we were keen to seek him out and we found him with Consolidare. It was great that he’d set up his own service, and we felt confident transferring over to him.

We were keen to work with Ben and his new venture of Consolidare because we knew he was trustworthy. The previous advice we had received from him was very comprehensive, outcome-based, open and honest, and it gave us confidence in going forward to seek more advice.

We were looking for a safe pair of hands and a safe way to invest our money for our future. We felt we could do that confidently given our experience of working with Ben before. It’s been a bit of a rocky financial climate, but it didn’t feel like that with Ben. It felt like we were in a safe pair of hands and the decisions that we made were based on accurate information.

While working with Consolidare, it’s made us feel more confident in what our future could look like. We’re not burying our head in the sand – we’re aware of what’s coming up in the future and we’re in a really good position to make some decisions around that. I think sometimes people can leave their decisions until too late or they’re worried and they don’t want to look at it, but by working with Consolidare, I can honestly say that we feel far more confident in what our future looks like now.

If I had to choose three words to describe working with Consolidare, I would say that we now feel financially prepared, confident, and excited about our future.

The best thing about working with Consolidare is being able to pick up the phone when you need to and speaking to somebody to get advice. No question is too silly and people are always happy to come back to you with a robust answer, giving you the confidence to take those next steps with Consolidare.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Consolidare to other people considering looking after their financial future. You can be open and honest, and no question is too small. You’re treated professionally and guided into what your future could look like.

By working with Consolidare, we feel far more confident in what our future looks like.

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