Member of the Personal Finance Society

Member of the Personal Finance Society

Chartered Financial Planner

Chartered status is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and is considered the ‘gold standard’ financial planning accreditation. Chartered status is a symbol of technical competence and signifies a public commitment to upholding professional standards and adhering to a professional Code of Ethics.

Fellow of the Personal Finance Society

To achieve the Fellowship grade, individuals would be required to have 10 AFPC (Diploma) units or equivalent. This shows a commitment to continuous professional development.

Heather Olley

My name is Heather Olley. I have worked with Consolidare for the last year and my adviser is Ben.

I got in touch with Consolidare because we had a large change in our financial situation and wanted to know how to best manage it.

Our aspiration in working with Consolidare was to be able to manage our money over our lifetime rather than just for short-term goals.

I first heard about Consolidare as one of my work colleagues knew Ben personally. So, it was a personal recommendation from somebody who had known him throughout his life and watched his career grow.

Me and my partner chose Consolidare because of the personal relationship that I had built with Ben with working with him in a different environment. His patience and ability to explain situations was very reassuring and, ultimately, he has extremely competitive rates compared to other companies in the market.

Most of all, Ben has been able to help us with our peace of mind and reassurance in quite an overwhelming situation; it was a very rapid change and he’s been able to break it down into bite-sized pieces and reassure us that what we’re doing will work.

Working with Consolidare has given me and my partner peace of mind; it means that we can almost forget about some of our finances because we know that Ben is looking after the long-term side of things. He’s been a very good sounding board with all aspects of our finances, and has really tried to understand our personalities and make us comfortable with how things are managed.

It was an extremely easy decision to trust Ben and Consolidare with our finances. There has been no judgment, just trust and great communication and I have no regrets in making the decision at all.

The three words I would use to describe Consolidare are trustworthy, personable, and reliable.

The best thing about working with Consolidare is how reassuring it is. I can trust that Ben is looking out for our best interests and that he understands us enough to not just make the best financial decisions, but to make the best decisions for us and what we value.

There is no pressure from Ben. It’s always “Here’s the information, take your time to look over it, make what decision is best for you.”

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Consolidare. Ben ticks every single box that we could want for a financial adviser. They are understanding, patient, show us different options, and there is no question too big or too small. Ben is always there at the end of an email no matter what the issue, even if it’s not directly to do with the investments. For anything to do with our financial situation, he’s been supportive and given us perspective on the situation.

Consolidare tick every single box that we could want from a financial adviser.

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